Thursday, 28 March 2013

Perfect Padron Peppers in Portugal

No it’s not a tongue twister but it could be if you got one of the odd spicy ones!
So here we are in the beautiful outside world of camping in Portugal.  Apart from the wonders of sleeping under canvas whilst the whole tent is illuminated inside with silver moonlight, cooking outside has got to be one of the best things ever (and we don’t mean stinky barbeques).  The food always tastes amazing; like the special secret ingredient is the outside world itself. 
So imagine when Phil found one of his favourites hidden away in a local supermarket – padron peppers.  He was very excited.  Padron peppers are small green mild offerings with a slightly bitter but fresh nutty taste.  Every now and then one of them will have some spicy bite to it – you never know until you bite into it – but last night we were free of such surprises and left to enjoy the more subtle aspects of their taste.  The simple life is often the best and we enjoyed said padron peppers simply lightly fried whole in Portuguese olive oil and then finished off with a sprinkle of salt, a splash of early evening light and a sprinkling of fresh Portuguese air.  A perfect tapas dish! 


  1. I have these in the fridge right now . . . we live in Portugal. Had not thought of cooking them whole . . . Do you eat them seeds and all? A scrummy idea. You must be further south than we are . . . torrential rain and gales here. Enjoy your camping.

    1. Hi Karmaquinta! Yes, I remember now you being in Portugal! Yes, we eat the seeds as well, everything apart from the stalk. We actually had some more for lunch today and still no hot ones. We are currently down in the Algarve, near Salema to be exact but no the weather is no longer sunny! In fact it is currently drizzling like a Cornish spring here so outside cooking reasonably suspended unless we take to the undercover utilities block. Hopefully it will improve soon as last year it actually rained whilst we were here for a week and a half solidly. More blog posts to follow from our stay soon.