Sunday, 13 January 2013

Thali Time

We were suffering from Krishna's Inn withdrawal symptoms so decided to make our own thali.  A thali is an Indian meal made up of a selection of dishes. In Hindi thali means 'plate' and also refers to the actual plate it is served on.

It just so happens that the latest edition of Cook Vegetarian magazine had several recipes that were either vegan or we could veganise to make up the various dishes of our thali.  These included quick and easy sag aloo, Karachi mushrooms with peppers and peas, lime and coconut dhal and Indian coconut bread paratha with rice and chutney on the side.  Phil took on the dhal and the rice and I took on the other two curries and the bread.  I was a little nervous as I am not the natural curry chef that Phil is but I am glad to report, it all turned out really nice.  It was also really good to dust off our thali trays, which we had brought back from India some years ago, to serve our meal. 

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