Friday, 18 January 2013

Really Alternative

When I first became veggie then vegan, the availability of alternatives to meat and dairy were minimal but those that were around I relied on heavily to help with the transition.  Then I hit a revolutionary wall.  I didn't want those alternatives and what they represented anymore.  As far as I was concerned real vegans didn't want substitutes for the very things they abhorred.  I seemed to be vegan only for moral reasons and had forgotten about everything else.

It didn't last long and now, although I don't rely on alternatives quite as much as the initial years, I really do enjoy them.  My reasons for being vegan have also evolved; now it's a catch all 'religious' belief.  It's a belief in what I feel is right and any vegan food, regardless of what it is trying to be, feels fine.  I think I have lost, after not having tasted the real thing for such a long time, any association that it is anything but great tasting vegan food.  That is until recently when I had a 'salmon' steak from Veggie World and Vegusto's Melty Cheese.  They tasted so good that for a fleeting moment I was confused.  It took me back to my revolutionary days but this time it was in recognition of how far the vegan world has evolved.

Veggie World Scallop Balls (on top left of plate)
As far as I am concerned if these alternatives to meat and dairy encourage and support people through the transition to a vegan diet, it is all good and with the likes of Veggie World or Vegusto, that support is very tasty indeed.

Veggie World Salmon Steak

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