Thursday, 17 January 2013

Horse Shit!

This week the UK, 'nation of animal lovers' were shocked and revolted by the revelation that horse meat was found in burgers and other beef products sold in various national supermarkets.

I've overheard quite a few people now discussing this story and they all seem genuinely shocked and disgusted.  I am too but not necessarily because it is horse meat.  I'm shocked at the naive, narrow minded, speciesist opinions of both those people and the media in general.

I do understand that some animal species have more of an influence on our lives.  Cats and dogs live in our houses, people ride horses.  Cows and sheep neither live in our houses or get ridden so in most people's minds it's okay to eat them.

How can intelligent people not see and understand the irony?  I simply don't get it.  Flesh is flesh, whatever animal it came from.  So people can keep their horror to themselves about horse meat, just like I'll keep my everyday horror to myself as people continue to eat flesh in front of me.

Rant over.....for now.

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