Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Milking the Truth!

News does sometimes take a while to reach us in Cornwall but this really shocked me and made me, even after 25 years of being vegan, feel extremely naive.

A friend received an email today and passed it on.  It originates from the Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group so I thank them for sharing this

Here it is -

Asda's Smart Price soya milk contains vitamin D3, which is nearly always
derived from animal sources (there is a single source of vegan D3 but it's
expensive and specialised, and it's unlikely it's being used here).

Here's the link:


I was a bit horrified to find this but it's a reminder that it always pays
to check the ingredient lists. I assume they're aiming the product solely
at the lactose intolerant.

Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group

After doing a bit of searching, this could have been the case for some time.  Now I don't buy this milk admittedly but it did make me realise the importance of not assuming that certain products like soya milk are vegan.  Upon searching I also found a few references in forums to Alpro being taken over by a big American dairy conglomerate.  Kind of cancels out the non support of the dairy industry thing.  Boo hiss!

I will be paying more attention in future.

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