Monday, 25 January 2016

Green Star Natural Store

We had heard about the Green Star Natural Store from the Cornwall Vegans Facebook group.  We had no idea it existed beforehand and that is really no surprise as this little health food shop isn’t in the high street location you would imagine but relatively tucked away in the Cornish countryside near Four Lanes.  It was actually established in 2010 so it really was about time we checked out what they had to offer and recently we finally managed to do just that.  

The small store building at Forest Farm belies the 40,000 products inside, all of which are free from harsh chemicals and as organic as possible.  These include vitamins and supplements, sports nutrition, homoeopathic and flower remedies, herbal products, cosmetic and beauty products, organic foods and groceries, eco-friendly home and garden products and products for pets.  They also deliver organic and local produce boxes and since the beginning of January they have been offering a vegan (including gluten and sugar free) takeaway from Wednesday to Saturday.

The vegan takeaway is what recently put them on the Cornwall Vegans radar and as a result came to our attention and with some of the dishes on offer reading like those from a Michelin star menu, who could fail to be intrigued; Almond and Tomato Crust with Parsnip, Ginger and Cardamon and Kale Pesto and Sprouted beans anyone?  Or how about a Beetroot, Lemon and Lime Raw Cheesecake topped with Satsuma?  Take a look on the Green Star Natural Store Facebook page for an up to date list of the delicious takeaway options on offer each week.

In the interests of research we obviously had to sample a few dishes with the only thing preventing us from clearing them out being our guilt about ensuring there was some left for the couple behind us in the queue. 

Whilst the lovely Sarah packaged up our takeaway goodies we took a look around.  Given the size of the store you wouldn’t think it would take that long but you would be wrong.  It’s a veritable ‘Aladdin’s Cave’.  In the same room as the colourful array of organic fruit and vegetables sits a fridge glowing angelically in the corner, the entire contents of which are vegan.  Green Star does sell non vegan products but there is no doubt that for the most part healthy and vegan products dominate. It would be a gem of a shop anyway but the progression into providing vegan takeaway adds a whole different level and excuse to check it out.  Oh and by the way, they also sell Ann’s vegan pasties which rate in our top three vegan Cornish pasties! 

We left Green Star not only with a plentiful amount of takeaway goodies (very much enjoyed for our dinner that evening) but with an additional bag of vegan joy.  Therefore the only complaint we have is the way Green Star mesmerizes you into buying more than intended!

Go check the Green Star Natural Store out.  They are open Monday to Friday from 9am – 5.30pm and Saturdays from 9am – 5pm but remember the vegan takeaway is only available Wednesday to Saturday so time your visit well!

Forest Farm, Pencoys, Four Lanes, Cornwall 
01209 481194

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