Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Foch'ing Good

This post is about beer, but it is also about love and consideration and it's been sat in our 'blog post inbox' for far too long now.  

You see back in the autumn our nephew and all round good guy Paul came to visit with his lovely family for the annual 'messy' event that is the Crantock Bale Push. It's a pilgrimage that holds many an interesting tale and would qualify for a blog post of it's own were it not for the fact that well.....it's messy and probably best not shared.  Nuff said.  

Following on from the last comment, this year Paul brought with him some home brew.  Such is the way with Paul, he never does things by halves and this particular brew was impeccable to say the least.   It was not only a beautiful brew, not far from the likes of Atlantic Brewery who've been doing it for years, but the most important factor for us was that Paul had made the ale vegan.  He is not vegan, not even vegetarian, but the fact that he had considered this factor when making his ale was a beautiful thing in itself.  

Now Paul does have great 'beer genes' passed on to him from his dad, who has done some considerable research in this area, so this could be an added factor in the decision to make this ale as 'real ale' as possible.  This can mean leaving things out as much as adding things in, and so it's a win/win situation on both sides.  Paul leaves out the finings and extra work involved in 'clearing' his brew, getting a more traditional and authentic bottle conditioned beer in the process, and we vegans get to sample another quality ale, made all the better for being made by family.  It really was very good, probably down to Paul sourcing all his products as locally as possible, and wanting a pure and clean tasting beer. 

Paul knows how strongly we feel about our vegan lifestyle despite never really spending much time talking about it.   That's when family love can cross those boundaries.  It was a clear demonstration of love by beer on his behalf.  

The bad news for vegans is that Paul is just making this as a home brew for now. He is quite the entrepreneur though and does have friends in high places in the brewing industry so you never know what the future may hold for 'The Salford Brewing Co.'  

Let's just saying that would be Foch'ing good!

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