Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Mozzarisella Pizza Chain Deal?

I recently received an email about Mozzarisella, a relatively new vegan cheese on the market from Italy made from germinated rice.  I had heard a little of this new brand but hadn't really investigated it as we haven't seen it anywhere locally or on our travels. However, upon reading the email, there were several things that tweaked my interest a whole lot more.  

Firstly, it is 100% organic which we are becoming more and more fussy about.  Secondly, there is no soya contained in it; another thing we are moving towards reducing in our diets a little more.  There are four products in this range; MozzaRisella, CreamyRisella, SmokeyRisella and BlueRisella.  The latter is the newest one in the range and it contains seaweed, another factor that we found interesting.  However, contained at the bottom of the email was something which sounded really quite exciting, and that was they may be signing a contract with a well known pizza chain!  Imagine that; not having to take your own vegan cheese along for a pizza treat?  Who this pizza chain is remains a mystery at this stage but hopefully it would be one that offers vegan dough.

Guess what too?  This cheese is also said to melt pretty well!

So now my investigations will turn to actually hunting down some of these cheeses to try out.  Via their website I have discovered three health food stores within a reasonable range that stock it - St Ives, Wadebridge and Falmouth. Hmmmm, pizza night Saturday night me thinks!

If you want to hunt some down for yourself and there is nowhere nearby that stocks it, looks like you can also order it on-line from either VeggieStuff or VeganCheese.

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