Thursday, 26 November 2015

Mayo Madness

We are sooooo naughty!  We have no self constraint; not when it comes to Vegenaise (and okay quite a few other things too but let's just stay on subject here).  

On Saturday, whilst up in Exeter for the Animal Aid Christmas Without Cruelty Festival, we took the opportunity of also visiting Seasons, a health food store that is now 100% vegan.  There was a plentiful supply of vegan goodies inside this wonderful little shop but I gasped just a little too loudly when I saw jars of Follow Your Heart Vegenaise in the fridge.  We haven't seen this stuff since travelling in America a few years ago and put it this way, it wasn't an option to leave without any.

Problem is, I got carried away and somehow two jars of it found their way in to my basket. Big deal you might say.  Look carefully at the photo above however.  It's only Thursday and one of those jars is already empty and the other has been opened.  The side of the jar states that it contains 24 portions.  Clearly we have a bit to learn about portion control if we want that second jar to last more than 5 days.

The moral of this story is; always buy two jars and enjoy vegan goodies when you find them. Oh and to hell with being good.  I'll do that when it's all gone.

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