Sunday, 31 May 2015

Reflective Moments

Since we've been back from Portugal life seems to have been really hectic catching up.  A month out of 'normal' life seems to leave a raft of 'normal' stuff to catch up with including, among many other things, taming the garden and getting this year's produce on the go, catching up with work and long distance family visits.  It all takes time and makes time fly. 

Only today I commented to Phil, whilst giving the house a long overdue clean, that I really don't understand how people find the time to keep their houses spotlessly clean, especially as we don't even have kids.  Phil replied that perhaps that is because I try and reserve a fair amount of time to do creative things instead.   It was a bit of a 'nail on the head' moment as my bad mood wasn't about the fact that I hated cleaning, it was more the fact that I felt that I wanted to be doing something creative instead.  Sometimes it is easy to forget that you need time to be yourself and do what you really want to do.  Easier said than done at times I know.

It is important however to take time to reflect in whatever way feels right to you.  For me photography is often the perfect way of taking time to concentrate on things outside of 'everyday' life.  There is a certain irony in that, as after all much of what I photograph is what exists in the natural world.  It just sits there doing its normal, everyday natural thing until a spot of light suddenly hits it and makes the likes of me take notice.  I can be mesmerised for minutes at a time by the tiniest spot of light on the tiniest island of sand on the beach. 

So when the big world fills your life with a multitude of big things to think about and deal with just remember that sometimes the tiniest moment, the tiniest patch of light on the tiniest patch of sand can mean all the difference in adding a very important perspective back in to your life.  It's not all about thinking big.

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