Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Jim Morris - A 78 Year Old Inspiration

Vegan Bodybuilder Proves You Can Be Buff at 78

A 78 year old body builder is inspiration enough but a 78 year old vegan body builder is even better.  That is not because it is impressive that someone can be vegan, 78 years old and a body builder; after all we all know that being vegan is not only healthy and life giving but can easily be packed with more than enough protein to support activities such as body building. No, it is more the fact that Jim, by his very inspiring nature, is getting all these messages 'out there' and people are taking notice.  Being Peta's oldest pin up has kind of helped with grabbing the headlines too!

The vegan bit aside, Jim is an inspiration on many different levels as revealed in the short film below. Sometimes being 'labelled' can hinder life's progress and other times it can reveal new pathways for yourself and many others.  Jim has experienced both but the bottom line is, it's not what you are but who you are that matters.  He has a gentle, inspiring, passionate and humble way about him and that is the essence of what makes him special.  

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