Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Views from Our Window Part 4

Our ever changing views from the window continue with two more offerings from our trip to Portugal.

We stayed here for one night only on one of our trips up the coast.  You can't really tell from the photo, but we were parked up about 6ft away from a sheer 300ft drop down to the sea below.  I didn't realise it at the time, but Scooby was having dreams of collapsing cliffs and landslides that night. The only other disturbances were the local fishermen who came and went through the evening.  In a strange parallel to surfing, it was amusing to watch them turn up and see if there was anyone fishing from 'their spot' on the cliffs.  At one point a car roared up, checked the cliffs, and drove off again. The driver returned shortly after with a friend and lots of fishing gear.  In the meantime 'their spot' had been taken by some others who had arrived, and their disappointment was obvious.  Our Portuguese isn't good enough to pick up on exactly what they were saying, but we both thought it was peppered with expletives.  

The first night we arrived in Portugal it rained, and we both thought "here we go again", but the next day dawned bright and sunny and over the coming days the temperatures just continued to rise. When they reached 29 degrees we headed for the mountains to cool off a little.  This is the top of Foia near Monchique, the highest point in the Algarve, looking south towards Lagos and Portimao.  The clear air and cooler temps kept us up here for 2 nights, until the urge to find waves took hold once more.  

Scooby decided to go for a run 'off the mountain' and we decided on a quiet route, and I was going to meet her lower down.  As we only had one phone between us, I decided to leapfrog her in the van as she ran and it was a good job too, as our well planned route saw us stopping at various points to confirm the way from the maze of unmarked tracks, and at one point turning around in someones driveway a little too far up a narrow mud track for comfort.

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