Friday, 24 April 2015

Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit

Oranges look and taste amazing in Portugal and as an added bonus, they are super cheap to buy too.  So as well as enjoying them during our trip regularly, we also bought a pile to take home with us.

The lemons are amazing too. They might not look as 'cutesy' as the ones we get over here but their big and gnarly appearance does well to hide the juicier and more fragrant properties of these citrus beasts. A couple will be coming home with us too.

I've enjoyed the odd lemon tea here and there in the past but have never been hoopla about it.  Whilst we have been in Portugal, Phil and I read a quirky little book called 'Portugal Unveiled'.  The author seemed very fond of his chá de limão; lemon tea basically.  However, it wasn't lemon tea as we know it; that is a wedge or slice of lemon topped off with boiling water. It seems we may have been doing it wrong all along as in Portugal lemon tea not only tastes better but is actually made with just a thick slice of the zest alone.  We ordered it at our favourite Portuguese veggie restaurant Eurasia and inquired as to whether they used just the zest. The 'of course' look we got confirmed that there was no other way as far as the Portuguese are concerned.  The result was just so much tastier and fresher than any lemon tea I had tried before. Who would have thought that such a small change could make such a difference?  

We are hoping that once our Portuguese lemon stock has gone we can continue to get similar results with the lemons available over here.

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