Sunday, 8 February 2015

Cornish Winter Sunshine and Waves

Phil got in to the surf early this morning; whilst there was still frost on the ground.  By the time I surfaced from bed the sun was streaming through the kitchen window and I settled in for a couple of hours of culinary experimentation (more about that in posts over the coming days).  

When Phil arrived home I was just about ready to go and enjoy the sunshine and top up on some good Cornish fresh air and vitamin D.  Despite coming home with a silly wet suit tan (the winter sun can still be very strong!), Phil was up for more time in the sun.  

Naturally we headed for the beach and we weren't the only ones.  As we sat on top of the dunes I counted over 70 people on the beach but, at low tide, the sand offers enough space to dissolve any chance of a crowd.

Moving on through the dunes we discovered an interesting little area where there were 'rivers of sand' coursing down in between the scrubby plants.  We couldn't help but cause a little wave ourselves as we watched with fascination the riverlets descending.

We continued around the coast but every now and then, breaking our walk, we just enjoyed sitting (or laying!) in the sunshine listening to the waves below.  As cold as it was first thing this morning, the afternoon made spring seem not that far away after all.

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