Sunday, 21 December 2014

Driftwood Christmas Tree

We don't normally have a Christmas tree being the bah humbug vegans we are (and because we hate the idea of digging up/cutting down a beautiful tree just for Jesus). My friend Jane from work however gifted me this wonderful tree the other day with a little note on it saying 'a driftwood Christmas tree for the Driftwood Vegans'.  A friend of hers had made it after collecting the driftwood off of the surrounding beaches.  We love it.

So finally today, sparked along by the little driftwood tree, I got a little more in the festive spirit, wrapped up all my presents (with all the wrapping left over from last year - some of which has been in our family for years!) and broke out our, again gifted, sample of decorations to dress the tree in a typical Driftwood Vegans way.

Happy Winter Solstice everyone!

For others who also hate sacrificing Christmas trees, here is another alternative; a rosemary chili tree I made in a previous year.

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