Saturday, 8 February 2014

Storms, Surfers and Seagulls

Today we were storm tourists.  We thought about checking out what the Red Bull Mission Three crew were up to at Bluff, down near Hayle.  However, once checking on the website, it indicated that everybody had had that same idea and spectator traffic was at a max.  The idea of driving to a nice quiet parking place and then walking around the coast path to avoid the crowds was made less tempting by the heavy rain and gathering wind so on that basis we decided to catch up with the action via the more luxurious benefits of the internet later.  

That said, we still had a strange fascination with being 'one with the storm' so headed down west to see what was happening.  We found ourselves down PZ (Penzance) way with the added lure of a visit to the local health food store Archie Browns.  

Overlooking St Michaels Mount, we marveled at the tumultuous seascape where normally a glistening blue calm resided.  Even the pirates of the sky, the seagulls, were struggling in the face of the oncoming deep sigh of nature. 

We drove along the seafront of Penzance and along to Newlyn to see the much reported effect of the recent storms.  Despite being past high tide, the normally placid seafront was being lapped by incoming waves and was littered by sea debris.  It was obvious that it had already taken a lashing.  The pebble and seaweed strewn basketball court along the seafront was understandably deserted.

Upon approaching Newlyn Phil thought he had spied surfers in the water so we went along to investigate.  It appears, despite the noisy abusive weather, there were places of opportunity when it came to surf.

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