Thursday, 6 February 2014

Incoming! Storm Force Cornwall

Dawlish destruction: With high tides combined with gale force winds and further heavy rain, some parts of the UK are bracing themselves for more flooding

View of the railway line at Dawlish, Devon, which has been left hanging in mid-air after the sea wall was washed awayIt was a pretty rough night on Tuesday and another eventful drive to work on Wednesday morning. 

The news is full of the fact that the main railway line to Cornwall is now completely out of action due to the sea attacking the line at Dawlish in Devon.  

The rail journey down to Devon and Cornwall is one of the most picturesque rail journeys in the UK but it has its disadvantages too when it comes to its proximity to the sea.  It could be March before this is reinstated and that's if the weather behaves in the meantime. That is unlikely any time soon though as we have yet another storm on its way Friday night and into Saturday.  

The swell chart looks even more amazing for this next storm (very rarely do you see black on these charts).  Things are just getting crazy down here.  You expect a bit of wind and rain in the West Country during the winter (even in the summer!) but I don't ever remember such a prolong period of abusive and wild weather. 

This coming Saturday will see the fourth big storm in a row since 'Hercules' struck on 6th January.  The storm on Saturday is not meant to be as big as 'Hercules' but the wave heights are expected to exceed those of the previous three storms.  Whilst some fear the oncoming tide of continuing weather madness others reap more adrenaline based activities from the unprecedented conditions.  The Red Bull Mission 3 Live Windsurfing competition heads to Cornwall to chase down the storm as I write.  

Follow the action live here.  It could be an exciting distraction from the continuing battle against the stormy winter weather.

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