Thursday 20 February 2014

A Vegan Restaurant in Cornwall!

In about two weeks Cornwall will be treated to the opening of the first vegan cafe in the county.  I thought it would be years before momentous events such as this would happen in Cornwall and believed that the only way of possibly ever enjoying fully vegan culinary establishments was to travel to the likes of London.  But pinch me, it is true, Cornwall is indeed seeing the opening of Wildebeest very soon and the chosen location is Falmouth.

Wildebeest‘Welcome to Wildebeest, a brand new vegan cafĂ©/bar situated in the bustling harbour town of Falmouth, Cornwall. You’ll find a warm and friendly environment, an exciting menu using the freshest ingredients, delicious drinks and sweet treats. Our vibrant, diverse dishes draw inspiration from around the world – we want to share the food and drink that we love, so at Wildebeest you can enjoy everything from noodle soups and tostadas to cupcakes and cocktails. Everything we serve is vegan, but our aim is to delight herbivores and carnivores alike!'.

The sample menu looks amazing and I am sure will act as a magnet for all vegans and veggies living in and visiting Cornwall, and hopefully those curious and adventurous omnivores who appreciate exciting, quality culinary experiences.

We wish Josh and Rose all the luck with their new venture and will be sure to visit at the earliest opportunity.  Check their website out and give them a ‘like’ on their Facebook page to let them know we are all behind them.

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