Friday, 9 March 2018

Head Over Heels in Love with Kevin Keegan

Pie.  We love pie.  We love this pie.  In Bristol they'd say 'Gert Lush'.  In Devon they'd say 'Proper Job' but down here in Cornwall we'd say 'E's some boy'.  End of post.  Nuff said.  Oh okay then I guess we should really write more to explain.  

First there was Gary and now there is Kevin.  We got our hands on Kevin at the weekend and can confirm that 'e's some boy'.  Kevin is the first vegan pie from Bristol based family bakers Pieminister.  We'd actually never heard of Pieminister but obviously when they started making vegan pies, they fell onto our radar.  If this is their first attempt they would be amiss not to continue on the vegan pie making front.  Drop the other stuff guys and make more Kevin's, Dave's, Fred's and Harry's'.  We returned to try and buy more Kevin's today only to find that all the vegan ones were gone and all the meaty ones were still there.  That is surely enough proof right?  Go with the Vegan Revolution.

By now you might be asking why the hell is a pie called Kevin?  Well it makes slightly more sense than Gary and is just as funny.  Kevin Keegan, vegan.  I'm originally from the south east so a bit of Cockney rhyming slang is never lost on me.  If you don't know who Kevin Keegan is; well you lucky young thing.  

Accredited by the Vegan Society, Kevin's pastry is flaky yet crisp and perfectly encases the tasty offerings inside.  Ethically sourced, the ingredients list also contains items that you actually recognise rather than a list of things you have to try and work out.  The filling is a ragu style combination of British chestnut mushrooms, tomato and red wine with baby onions, red quinoa and thyme.  Perfect for a winter's night after a hard day at work.  

Available in the chiller section of Waitrose stores, Kevin retails at £3.70 each or, until 20th March, there is a 2 for £6 offer.  For us mostly 'cook from scratch' vegans that might seem quite a lot.  However, for those evenings after work when you just want an easy life, these hefty offerings are worth their weight in pie gold.  You can also order boxes of pies online direct from the Pieminister website. In addition, Pieminister have a series of restaurants, cafes and pubs that serve their full pie menu.  Details are on the website.

Whilst we might be head over heels in love with Kevin the pie, we aren't quite as sure about the real Kevin Keegan's proclamation of love back in 1979; unless of course he had a premonition and is singing about Kevin the Vegan Pie!  Either way, nice flares Kevin, but even better pie.

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