Sunday, 11 December 2016

The Green Woman Fit Pit Deodorant

Anyone who is concerned about their health should consider the products they put on their skin as seriously as what they take in through their diet.  On this note, back in 2015 I wrote about my search for a natural deodorant that actually worked for me. I had tried various natural ones but found they either didn't work that well or, despite their supposed naturalness, left stains on my clothing.

My friend Jane came up trumps when she found and bought me a pot of CoCho deodorant, after my attempts to make my own didn't exactly go to plan!  It's great stuff but I'm afraid I have discovered a new favourite; Fit Pit from The Green Woman.  I bought a jar of this quite a few months back and meant to blog about it then, but never quite got around to it. When I recently got to the bottom of this jar, I not only went into a slight panic that I needed to find some more soon, but also wanted to spread the word about what a fantastic product it is.  

I had discovered and bought the first jar from the Viva! catalogue but Fit Pit was sold out on their website so I went to direct.  The 100ml jars may seem expensive at £8.00 each but I can tell you that it is a bargain for this beautiful and kind product as it actually lasts for months.  The smell of the 100% organic Fit Pit woman is a gorgeous woody, earthy combination of rosemary and bergamot.  The deodorant is in cream form and you only need a pea sized amount to rub in with your fingertips.  Not only does it smell nice but it actually works without compromising my health. The re-usable/recyclable packaging also ensures that the planet's health has been considered too.  For the more sensitive or the male of the species among us (or both!), never fear there are also versions available just for you, as well as mini jars should you wish to try before you 'go large'.

For more information about why you should be concerned about what cosmetics and personal care products you use, and specifically when it comes to deodorants, take a look at the Breast Cancer UK website.  There is a really useful little guide to cosmetics and personal care products available for download on their website. This charity, set up in 1999, campaigns for a preventative approach to breast cancer, raises awareness about the links between the exposure to harmful chemicals and breast cancer, as well as supporting scientific research into this area. Breast Cancer UK does not conduct or fund animal research.  

So, if you are aren't already using a kinder (to the animals, the planet and yourself) alternative to the mass marketed deodorants out there, I urge you to take a look at the products that you are using and have a think about choosing healthier alternatives.  In my opinion, you can't get much better than giving Fit Pit a go.

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