Thursday, 7 July 2016

Mysterious Vegan Town Treats Arrive

I came home this evening to discover this package waiting to be opened.  It is a Vegan Town box of goodies.  I really don't know for sure who it is from as there was no note inside, although I do have suspicions.
What an amazing and mysterious box of vegan chocolate loveliness!  There are loads of things in there I haven't tried yet either and plenty of things I love. 
The challenge will be hiding them all from the chocolate nicking monkey that is Phil as I have run out of undiscovered hiding places and have resorted to carrying my chocolate stashes to work with me as a result!   No doubt though I will end up sharing with him anyway because, well I do love him, and know how much he loves chocolate too.  He is also very good at putting a 'puppy face' on when it comes to chocolate begging.  It is hard to resist.
So a massive thank you to the mysterious vegan chocolate hamper pixie out there for sending me such a lovely surprise.

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