Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Birthday Treats for Work

It is traditional at work that if it is your birthday you take in treats for everyone to share, and today it was my birthday.  It was also my vegan friend and colleague's birthday yesterday but she wasn't at work until today, so today I went to town and took in lots of home made vegan treats on behalf of both of us.

I chose two recipes (both of which actually by chance required no baking) which were in the new Vegan Food and Living magazine and the accompanying supplement. I chose the Raw Snickers Slices and Best Ever Brownies.  

The Best Ever Brownies were originally from Beanie's Vegan Kitchen website. I must admit I went 'off piste' a little by adding an almond butter icing on top (something like a couple of tablespoons of almond butter, a couple of tablespoons of icing sugar, a drop or two of almond essence and a bit of water - don't quote me on this though as I wasn't really measuring!).  It added a little dimension that was very much noted by my colleagues.  The Raw Snickers Slices were originally from The Artful Foodie and were a hit with all.  

Here is a quote from a distinctly non vegan colleague  - "I really didn't want to like them, but damn your vegan cakes Scooby".  I call that a 1 - 0 victory for veganism.  "Result", and thanks to the recipes from both Beanie's and The Artful Foodie. 

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