Thursday, 25 February 2016

Really Quick Cheese and Tomato Flans

In case anyone starts thinking we have got an absolute obsession with pies (see the post from last week), I'm going to call these flans instead.  I'm really not sure what the difference between pies and flans is anyway and besides I think my real obsession has been with these little baking dishes I bought recently in a charity shop.  I just can't stop using them; they've kind of become my canvas or frame for food at the moment.  I rummage for ingredients and then see what I can fit in them.

Last night we didn't have much to go on; or so I thought at first.  By the time I put options on the table in a 'Ready Steady Cook' style I had a couple of mushrooms, some little vine tomatoes, half a tub of Bute Island Chives in Creamy Scheese, a few slices of Vegusto Aromatic Cheese and some Jus Rol pastry.  With the addition of a handful of cashews I started formulating a plan.  Here is what happened....and we added roast potatoes and peas for the complete meal.

Really Quick Cheese and Tomato Flans
For four x 4" flan dishes
1 sheet of Jus Rol Puff Pastry
1 handful of cashews
2 medium sized chestnut mushrooms
Splash or two of vegan Worcestershire Sauce
2 tablespoons of Bute Island Chives in Creamy Scheese
A splash of hemp milk
A dozen or so little vine tomatoes
A few slices of Vegusto Aromatic Cheese

Lightly oil the flan dishes and line them with a square of pastry.  Let the corners flop out to the sides for now.

Grab the handful of cashews and bung them into a good blender (I used our Nutribullet).  Add the mushrooms, the Worcestershire Sauce, the Creamy Scheese and the splash of hemp milk.  Blend until it has turned into a thick double cream consistency.  You may need to add some more hemp milk to achieve this.

Spoon the cheesy nutty mushroom mixture into the bottom of each square of pastry equally.  Cut the little vine tomatoes into halves and press into the top of the filling, cut side up until covered.  Add a few slices of Vegusto cheese.  A sprinkling of nutritional yeast would probably be pretty nice too if you don't have any cheese.  Now fold in the corners of the pastry to meet in the middle (they will unfold a bit when they cook but it kind of looks nice!).

Bake in the oven at about 200 degrees C (the temperature I use for pretty much everything in our old oven!) for approximately 30 minutes.  You'll know when they are done as they will be lovely and brown.


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