Thursday, 16 July 2015

Vegan French Surprises #1

Phil had never been to France and I had only briefly passed through Brittany.  We are both keen Tour de France followers and Le Tour was briefly in Brittany.  It was also my birthday and I persuaded a slightly reluctant Phil that Brittany would be a perfect week long destination for an adventure in Miles our camper.  It all came together and we booked the ferry from Plymouth to Roscoff.

The only uncertainty was of what vegan wonders we would find on our adventure; after all the French are not renowned for their understanding of vegetarian, let alone vegan food. That said, with cooking facilities on board Miles and a wealth of fresh fruit and vegetables readily available we were never going to go hungry.  However, part of our love of travel extends to our bellies (literally!) and it's always great to discover new vegan foodie delights. We were just both unsure of this happening in France.  I'm happy to report that were were pleasantly surprised.

One of our first vegan food surprises was discovered in a Carrefour supermarket and ironically happens to be a French speciality; crepes!  After going past many creperies we had been having one of those 'if only' vegan moments despite neither of us having much recollection of what they tasted like.  Then we somehow happened to glance at the ingredients of a packet of Galettes Ble Noir (despite the direct translation of black wheat, ble noir is actually buckwheat) and were astonished to see they were vegan.  We found out afterwards that galettes are actually a Breton speciality of savoury buckwheat crepes.

The next morning we tucked into a breakfast of galettes, nectarines, apricots, cherries, Sojasun yoghurts (a less surprising find considering it is a French company) and peanut butter we'd brought from home.  It was all very 'continental' and a lovely way to start our day and our French adventure.

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