Saturday, 25 July 2015

Cornish Wildlife Surprises In Brittany

Those that have read our blog before will know that we love choughs; after all they are the 'bird of Cornwall' and they are such wonderful characters with their striking red beaks and legs. Despite their endangered status (they only returned to Cornwall a few years ago), we have seen them on numerous occasions.  We consider ourselves to be very fortunate on that count.

What is even more amazing and fortunate is that in the last year whenever we have left the country we've bumped into choughs; again quite by accident.  We sighted them for the first time in Portugal this year and on our recent trip to Brittany, on our very first day, we saw 9 choughs fly over our heads and were treated to a constant viewing from then on.  It seems we may be chough magnets!

You can read about one of our Cornish viewings of the choughs here and their Portuguese cousins here. Meanwhile here are some photos from the numerous sightings in Brittany.

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