Monday, 22 June 2015

Vegan Life Magazine

I've been picking up copies of Vegan Life magazine every time I see it and I'm getting addicted now.  In fact, a subscription is now on my birthday list (hint, hint Phil!).  

Obviously the fact that it is a totally vegan magazine means I am slightly biased in choosing to buy it.  Even the adverts are interesting to read because they are all vegan! However, that aside, it is a really well put together magazine.  It has a great look and feel and it even smells nice!  

The articles are well thought out and I get the feeling that they are aimed at people who have been vegan for a while, without by any means excluding those new or just vegan curious.  A vegan of 30 years could pick up a copy and learn something new.  Likewise somebody just starting on the road to veganism couldn't fail to be impressed by the information on the new and increasing range of products available, and the exciting contemporary recipes within, as well as the non preachy general guidance and advice. 

I am a vegan cook book addict so I am very appreciative of the great recipes featured in Vegan Life.  The June edition was a particularly good example of this. I've actually only just had my copy for over a week and we have already tried the BBQ tempeh recipe (featured above on the front cover and then our offering cooking away in the right photo - not as beautiful admittedly as Vegan Life's version but extremely tasty regardless!).  We have cooked the Seitan BBQ ribs twice and I'm in the process just this evening of making the delightfully summery Lavender-Chia Lemonade.  That is just for starters as there are quite a few more of  the recipes still on my hit list to make!

So if you haven't come across Vegan Life magazine yet, look out for it in your local health food store, or I have heard it said some supermarkets.  Better still subscribe as you won't be disappointed I promise you.  For the less old fashioned among you, or those who aren't as bothered with being able to touch, feel, smell and read the responsibly sourced paper versions, there is also an app available!    

Visit Vegan Life Magazine for more details.

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