Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Ra Ra Raspberries!

Well, okay these aren't strictly raspberries but they are of the raspberry family.  We planted a Tayberry and a Loganberry a few years ago; one of which died and one of which thrived and we no longer know which is which.  All that matters is the harvest and this year is a bumper crop.  We were going to cut this back earlier this year but we didn't get around to it, which is good really, as it is giving us more than we can eat at the moment.  Maybe Mother Nature knows best and following the guidance in gardening books isn't all that it's made out to be.  Seeing as raspberries are so expensive to buy, why wouldn't you try and find space for these in the garden or even plant some in the wild 'guerrilla styley'?  It's good value for vegan fruity money!

We've been making smoothies with these berries, bananas and coconut milk for breakfast. A tasty and lush start to the day!  The excess that we cannot use?  Well, into the freezer they go for those dull, damp moments of winter when we need reminding of the bountiful days of summer sunshine.  Vegan squirrels that we are.......

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