Saturday, 19 July 2014

Holiday Season - Here We Go!

I just dropped down to the village shop for little bit of shopping and also to drop off some more of my landscape photo cards that they kindly sell for me.  It was busy and a chat with Emma, whilst she was putting my shopping through the till, confirmed that indeed today was kick off for holiday season.  The schools had broken up and Cornwall is about to have its population increased by around 60% until the holiday makers hand it back in September.  It has its down sides for sure but I never forget that the fact that people choose to come down here on holiday is because we are fortunate enough to live in an amazing place.  You can't blame them for wanting a piece of that and they are normally so happy about it which helps balance out the bad bits mostly.  The other advantage is that they buy my cards (the one above being a good seller) so you won't hear me complain too much!

For more of my landscapes of Cornwall (and other lovely places), please check out Travelling Light.

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