Sunday, 8 December 2013

All It Takes is a Celebrity!

If Jay-Z and his wife, BeyoncĂ© are now vegan then surely that makes us vegans all totally cool!?  Right?  Well that surely means that Phil and I were the original Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ© many years maybe not (although my bottom does seem to be expanding just a touch in the latter years!). Good luck to them and I really hope that they totally benefit from their sensible decision with the added bonus of spreading the vegan message to all those who strive to live their lives via those of the celebrity.
Veganism does seem to be more and more in the news these days though which is totally amazing given the 'hippy weirdo' image that both Phil and I were labelled with 25 years ago.  It has become more acceptable.  I normally don't enjoy being acceptable, as it is far more fun not to be, but because veganism is a great idea, I'll go along with that!
Here is the latest offering in the mainstream media from the Independent which was also reviewed on BBC Radio 4 this morning.
Interesting the original article goofed up and said that Quorn was vegan but after many comments pointing this out, this has since been corrected!

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