Sunday, 4 August 2013

Courgettes Bite Back

This was going to be the final year I was going to bother growing courgettes as the past few years had failed to produce anything that didn't rot before it had reached a half decent size.  The wet, cool summers of the past few years had put pay to that.  I was right to try it one last time and what a year to pick.  To make sure, this year I had planted a couple of courgette plants in one of my beach combed fisherman crates inside a small plastic grow house.  The results have been fantastic and finally my faith in courgette growing has been restored.
The downside to growing in this small grow house is accessing the green gems that have decided to hide themselves in the jungle of scratchy leaves right at the back.  It was time to go in and attempt to retrieve them.  I should have put long sleeves on but it was also damn hot in there.  The results were a very scratched up pair of arms which resembled something you would get from an arm wrestling match with a small kitten rather than a home grown courgette harvesting session.
With the bigger courgettes finally harvested and delivered to the kitchen, my thoughts turned to going back in again to now tackle the jungle.  I had to make it easier to harvest and also to cut back the growth which was bursting out the door.  More air and light would lead to less rotting (a couple of small courgettes showed signs of this) and better ripening.  A few more scratches later and the jungle was tamed.
They might have put up a fight but in the end, despite the scratches, I won the battle.  This was hunting and gathering vegan style.  The potato and courgette Lasan Kari they ended up in that evening, courtesy of the Phil's curry kitchen, was delicious too.

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