Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sun is Shining..... is sweet; make you wanna move your dancing feet.  To the rescue here I am!
Yes, sunshine in the evening at last.  To the rescue and how wonderful it is.  So we had a quick easy dinner and then off down the beach to bask in the golden evening light.  It's lovely to see sand, sun, wind and humans creating their own natural art.  It made us smile and we only hope that for our sake and all the tourists who will soon descend on our patch for the May Bank Holiday and the schools half term week holiday, that the sun will continue to shine down on all of us.


  1. Argh! It's just been HAILING here in Bristol!

  2. Oh no! In that case I would suggest hiding in the wonders of Café Kino and enjoying the sunshine they provide in the form of wholesome food and atmosphere instead!