Sunday, 19 May 2013

Seaweed Feeding Cornish Style

Most people are familiar with using seaweed as a plant food (well those that think beyond the horrible chemical feeds that some idiots use to grow stuff).  You can buy it in concentrated form in bottles in garden centres or on-line.  Before I lived in Cornwall that is what I did but now we can go directly to source with no plastic bottle involved. 
In certain conditions it washes up on the beach in big piles.  It doesn't happen very often so when that coincides with the growing season, you have to grab it whilst you can.  We don't take much (as we don't have a huge garden anyway) so hardly a dent is made in this free natural offering.
This time I used it around our strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrant and olive tree.  Not only does it provide a slow release feed but I am hoping its saltiness and sandiness will join efforts with our nematodes (biological pest control) in keeping the slugs and snails away. 
The added bonus is that it smells even more like the sea in our garden now (although I'm not sure that will continue to be as pleasant as it gradually rots down)!

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