Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rainbows and Pasties

Yesterday I had a little reminder of a couple of the many good things about living in Cornwall.  I took my parents down for a little trip to St Ives.  The weather was typically Cornish; windy and rainy, and the shops were full of the usual tat to lure in the festive season holiday makers, but when we turned out of the high street and around the corner to the suddenly sun drenched harbour we were greeted by the most beautiful double rainbow bold against the practically black sky.  Everybody just stopped and amid the oohs and ahhs and the sound of cameras clicking, I knew that this moment would be remembered and taken home as a souvenir more than any trinket the holiday makers had bought today.  It just goes to show that the blackest of situations can still produce the most beautiful moments.  Shame I had forgotten my camera but then again sometimes these things are better captured in the mind anyway.
As we hastily retreated back to the car to dodge the next downpour another little rainbow caught my eye; Pengenna Pasties.  It is a legal requirement in Cornwall to carry a pasty with you at all times in case of emergencies and as we were potentially facing another flood threatening downpour I felt it necessary to stock up.  To the uninitiated, Pengenna make 'propur' pasties. None of this plastic wrapped, tiny, limp filled, soggy rubbish that pretend to be pasties.  These are the real deal and built like they were in days long gone, to sustain a fall down a mine shaft and to sustain you through a day of wave hunting or emmet dodging. 
You can't get a proper Cornish pasty outside of Cornwall.  Fact.  Don't be lured in by those fake pasty shops in London or the shining plastic wrapped varieties available in motorway service stations.  Even in Cornwall you have to hunt down the real deal and we can vouch for Pengenna Pasties.  To top it all, they mark up their pasties as suitable for vegans.  So if you find yourself in St Ives, Tintagel or Bude check them out. 
Fear not though as if you really feel the urge to try a 'propur' pasty and can't make the voyage down to these parts, Pengenna even offer pasties by post (although judging by the size and weight of them, I'm not sure the postage will be cheap!).
A 'propur' pasty the size of a dinner plate

Filled to the rafters

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