Monday, 10 December 2012

Batemans Mocha Beer - OMG!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Batemans.  Not only do you make vegan beer, you clearly mark your bottles up with the vegan logo and now you come out with this amazing creation.  We love you!  This is now officially our favourite beer.  Shame they only had one left at the supermarket.  I guess the secret may already be out there then!  If we can find it again we will definitely be stocking up and getting into the Christmas spirit!     Check out the rest of their range (bottled range only  is certified vegan).


  1. Our local S*insb*ry was selling this off for £1 a bottle in November, despite it being a new line. Think they made a mistake. I didn't... lovely stuff!

    1. Now that's just pure teasing!

      I did contact Bateman (lovely people!) and they said that they won an award with this beer and the prize was a 6 month exclusive deal with Sainsburys (I prefer S*insb*ry as you put it though!). They have assured me though that they will continue to brew it after the deal is up along with other exciting brews they have up their sleeves. 50p a bottle from Coop would be great huh?