Friday, 14 September 2018

A Land Base for The Naturally Vegan Plot!

A couple of years ago we wrote about The Naturally Vegan Plot, a veganic gardening project set up by two Cornish vegans, Elaine and Jim.  Since then they have tirelessly worked towards growing this project but have had various set backs centred around the land they had rented.  As a result, and to ensure the future of the project, Elaine and Jim have decided the only way forward is to buy land as a permanent and secure base. To this end they have set up a Crowdfunder campaign to raise enough money for at least one acre of land.  With their plants and resources currently in storage, this campaign represents the make or break of the whole Naturally Vegan Plot project.  

As vegans we tend to be more switched on than most as to where our food comes from, the importance of growing our own, the protection of the soil, land and wildlife.  Basically on the most simple level, being in touch with and protecting the land is a crucial ingredient in securing our future food needs, let alone all the other factors associated with the less sustainable and non vegan food production options.  

So please, if you can afford to do so on whatever level, support this project by contributing to this Crowdfunder Campaign.

To read more about the project and to find out about their other events and fund raising activities visit The Naturally Vegan Plot's Facebook Page.  There is also loads of information on the Crowdfunder Campaign page.

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