Monday, 21 November 2016

The True Power of Plants

We are big fans of Ecotricity and it's not often people get to say that they actually like their power company.  Ecotricity are a bit different though aren't they?  Yes, they still send those bills that you have to pay but somehow it doesn't feel quite so bad parting with your well earned money when you know they are doing their best to level the environmental playing field in Mother Nature's favour.  

We get email updates quite a lot from them explaining what they are working towards.  The one below came today and we thought we would share it.  Please do share it far and wide too and, if you are not already with Ecotricity, consider getting behind them too (with a vegan at the helm of the company you know they are going to be heading in the right direction).

Today we launched a new report, which shows that Britain can get almost all of its gas from a very simple source – grass. 

The benefits to our country of making our gas this way are pretty astounding, so we’re calling on the government to rethink where Britain gets its gas.

Quite incredibly, we’ve found there is enough suitable land to produce enough green gas each year to power almost all of the homes in Britain (97%).

And we can do that without affecting food production – in fact, we would be boosting it (via crop breaking), and at the same time we would create new wildlife habitats on an unprecedented scale.

Not to mention the £7.5billion boost to the economy and 150k new jobs in a new and sustainable industry - and making fracking a redundant concept. Our report shows that we now have a more than viable alternative to fracking, which people have been fighting tooth and nail up and down the country to prevent.

It’s not too late, because fracking hasn’t started yet. But we need a proper review of where Britain gets its gas from – we can either frack the countryside or we can grow the grass. It’s that simple.

We’ve recently got consent for our first Green Gas Mill. All we need now is the government to get behind this simple, abundant and benign energy source.

You can keep up to date with our plans on Facebook and Twitter – check it out and join in by all means. There’s lots more info on our website about what we’re doing, including the full report and detail on how our Green Gas Mills will work.

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