Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Sense of Space

It's that time of year when we wait in anticipation of the explosion of buds and leaves from the trees and plants all around us.  It is the moment that Mother Nature decides it is safe to come out and play again.  This year it is late.  Usually we return from our travels with the trees bursting with the first signs of fresh green growth.  Mother Nature doesn't follow a strict timetable but instead just goes with the flow and yet everything happens at the right time. She can't be rushed.  After a few days of slightly warmer weather it is on the way though. 
In her infinite wisdom Mother Nature also has the sense to allow things to grow in their own way and yet maintain a sense of space between the individual plants and trees.  That is how nature cooperates and maintains order on the whole.  We strive to take our lead from nature and are acutely aware of the need for personal space.  That is why we prefer living in the countryside where there is enough space to think and breathe.
Humans on the whole seem to have lost this awareness, confused by the constant programming of our times to use, grow and consume more and more.   Physically, new housing developments seem to spring up on a yearly basis, people drive up your ass and mobile phone obsessed pedestrians stride into your path in a techno enhanced trance.  Mentally, we are bombarded on a daily basis with  mind numbing trivial information designed to switch off our inherent wisdom and turn us into mindless consumers.  Spiritually, our highest aspirations as a culture seems to be to wear the latest fashions, own the biggest house and drive the fastest car, whatever the cost.  We want it now, now, now. 
In extreme cases, just as in the natural world, a few parasitic specimens choose to invade the space of others and seek to profit from the hard work and growth of those around them.  They are out for themselves and themselves alone; tipping the balance in the wrong direction.  In the human body cancerous cells are those that become unbalanced and that continue to grow and grow, unchecked by signals that 'enough is enough'.  With a little awareness you can do your bit to maintain balance, to align yourself with the natural world, to stop and listen to the quiet signals from within.
The key to prosperity in the natural sense is to not allow the parasites to invade, to maintain your personal space, to think your own thoughts, to keep things balanced, to slow down.  Unawareness is the enemy and mindfulness is the solution.  Control your own growth.  Take your lead from the natural order and learn the lessons from the natural disorder.
Mother Nature knows best.
Here is a little song along a similar theme (the original Karine Polwart version is better but we couldn't find that to share) -

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